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A: If you had been married for 10 years, then you may qualify for divorced spousal benefits. Just like spousal Social Security benefits for a married person, you are entitled to 50% of your ex's Social Security benefit at full retirement age. As a disclaimer, there are guidelines to be met, but they aren't much different than married spousal benefits -MH
A: That may be a great idea. But, the word "recently" concerns me. I am a strong believer that a widow (or widower) should wait 6 months to a year before making any major life decisions. Everyone responds differently, but outlook and perspective usually change after a major loss.
A: My gut response is no, although you may want to own some incase your insurability and life circumstance changes. I would be more concerned about disability insurance. Long term disability is a leading cause for home foreclosure and bankruptcy. And, it may be available through your work at a reasonable cost.
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