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Two in five U.S. adults gave themselves a C, D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance.

56% admit that they do not have a budget.

Two in five adults indicated that they are now saving less than they were one year ago and 39% do not have any non-retirement savings.

39% carry credit card debt over from month to month.

25% of those who do not currently have non-retirement savings indicated that, if they did begin to save, they would keep their savings at home in cash.

One-third, or more than 77 million Americans, do not pay all of their bills on time.

[National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc., Financial Literacy Survey Exposes Significant Gaps In Grasp Of Personal Finance Skills, April 2012,

Difficulty managing daily finances is no longer the exception, but normal for many Americans.  Living in a condition of financial uncertainty creates stress that permeates all aspects of one’s life including their workday.  Being able to gain financial control has clear and obvious benefits for an employee.  And, the workplace is a logical place establish financial literacy; after all, this is where the money is earned.

For Your Employees

ARK Wealth Management offers a “pilot program” where we will provide a complimentary financial literacy presentation of your choosing at your location.  This is your opportunity to evaluate this compliment to your training or wellness program.  Typically after the pilot, a company will have ARK present quarterly financial presentations.  Attendance is generally voluntary, but when training or wellness program credit is provided participation levels are improved.  One successful sample quarterly series of topics is as follows:

  • Financial Literacy & Household Finances
  • Retirement Planning Basics
  • Investing Basics
  • Basic Estate and Extended Healthcare Planning

Employer Benefits

Providing financial education to your employees is good for your company too!  Below you can download a whitepaper from the University of Minnesota which studied the effects of financial education in the workplace.  They found among other things that:

  • 45% of employers acknowledged increased productivity after deploying a financial education program
  • Improved retention as 80% of employees said they want financial education in the workplace
  • Reduced liability risks regarding their retirement plan by way of ERISA Section 404(c)’s Education, and “Broad Range” provisions
  • Reduction of employee stress which may provide a more pleasant working environment

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Download the WhitePaper

“Benefits of Workplace Comprehensive Financial Education”

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Download the 


“Financial Literacy

for Employees”