Our Approach

I really just want to treat you right, make you feel comfortable, and help you with your finances

We’ve been told since we were young that it’s impolite to talk about money. As a result, many people feel uncomfortable when the topic comes up.

This has been a challenge for those working in the retirement planning field. How do you get someone to open up and discuss something they see as personal, or even intimate.

Our approach is to create a friendly, consultative environment, and make our clients feel comfortable.

Matthew Hanshaw’s background in Psychology helps him understand and relate to what people are going through with their money. He’s not the kind of guy that wears stuffy suits, or shows off his expertise. Instead, he puts his clients at ease and makes it easy for them to talk openly.

One of Matt’s strengths is his ability to build lasting relationships founded on mutual trust.

His goal with each client is to make sure they understand that he has their back, in both good times and bad. Matt will be there for them over the long haul, throughout their retirement.

When running a Triathlon race, Matt takes it slow so that he can make gains over the long course. His approach to investing is the same: Cautious, rather than aggressive. Matt believes that aggressive investing has its place, but it shouldn’t be the only approach one takes with their portfolio. Balancing high risk and return with safer investments is a more prudent course. Just like his Triathlon racing, Matt’s approach is slow and steady over the long haul.

To provide multiple investment opportunities for his clients, Matt brings in experts from different areas of investing. He has partnerships with large institutions that can better serve his clients in those financial specialties.

His fee based structure provides a way that his clients can pay as they go, rather than before they’ve seen results. Matthew is paid over the long-term, as he manages clients’ investments and provides customer service.

If you’re looking for a financial planning professional who has your back, and wants you to have success over the long haul, call us today at 717-695-2617 to schedule an appointment.